Barclaycard == Uberfail

Barclaycard. Yes i am mentioning them by name they deserve to be named and shamed in this instance.

I get a call from a number, this number is 0845 351 2259

This number is not listed on the barclaycard website anywhere and the call was pre-recorded, what’s more the message said ‘if you wish to confirm this call is genuine, please call 0845 351 2259′. Excuse me? Call the number i was just called on which isn’t listed on the barclaycard website to confirm? I think not. Naturally my first reaction was ‘scam’ so i called the standard barclaycard fraud number – after being on hold for 20 minutes i was finally told that they had indeed called me and that number is genuine. I shall repeat for future reference – the number listed above is a genuine barclaycard number. To confirm simply visit the barclaycard website and call the normal access number and ask them.

Anyway, after speaking to someone he said i didn’t need to call the number back as it was just an advisory. Later in the day i was called again by the automated number so i went through the correct process. Simply call the number back, they ask for the telephone number they originally called you on and two digits from your date of birth (selectable from the keypad, multiple choice). They then read out the 5 last transactions and ask you to confirm or reject them.

Simple as that.

The process is fine, the only thing that annoys me is that they think it’s appropriate to call from an unlisted number! Surely this number should be published in a prominant place under the banner ‘if we are going to call you, we will call from this number and no other’.

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  1. markygi Says:

    yep, i got one today 23/6/2011 so they are still doing it. Idiots.

    I would go one stage further than you. It should not be automated AND it should say exactly what it is about. You initially think oh no someone’s hacked my account and feel obliged to get in touch. we ar ejust too busy. then again we don’t want all our dosh stolen

  2. khanh Says:

    they called me today [23/08/2011] whilst I was still on the phone to the mobile people completing the purchase!

    anyway, the voicemail it left said “this is our number, call us back asap, check the number on the website if you don’t believe me”. so i did. I guess they’ve updated the site since you guys checked. the website now has a huge button for you to check numbers. [i guess this is a little better than publising their phone number on the internet.]

    i called. automated service took me through the process and we were done within 10 minutes.

    interesting point is that the automated service, once i had confirmed all the purchases were mine, said that your card is now reactivated [please wait 5 minutes and try your transaction again]. i’m so glad i wasn’t abroad – imagine the phone bill for this call! imagine if you couldn’t make the call but really needed to make a purchase!? OMG what a nightmare that would be!

    on another note, what happened to all those call centre people that used to call you up before they automated it? more UK jobs gone?!

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